Gasparella Joseph has always dedicated the utmost attention to the specific needs of the customer and its production, providing technical staff consists of highly qualified engineers and mechanical experts with many years of specific experience in the field of hydraulic cylinders that is responsible for design and production, realizing so a fruitful co-design with the customer to continuously improve the product.

The first phase is characterized by the study of the cylinder which is realized by acquiring all the data required for the project in close collaboration with the customer, the technical staff also controls through FEM analysis that the cylinder has occurred in the calculations and structural materials , after which manufactures and controls all of the details to ensure that the product complies with the requirements.

The stage ends with a draft of the cylinder to be submitted to the client for changes or approval. In the case of drawings provided by the customer runs a studio, highlight any critical points. Finally, the designs of the details and the cylinder assembly are played by our operators. The Technical Department also has the task of attending to the assembly and testing of each prototype or first series so check the field and the goodness of design made any improvements to the production process.


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